5 Safety Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door Safe

When you have a garage that is attached to your home with a garage door, there are some extra steps that you are going to need to take to ensure that you keep your home safe. Here are five great tips you should implement to increase the security of your garage and to increase the overall security of your home as well:

Keep Your Garage Door Remote Out Of Your Vehicle

Don't keep a garage door remote control inside of your vehicle. If your vehicle gets stolen, someone can easily use the opener to get into your home. This is an easy way to someone to break into your home, especially if you are a little lax with security from your garage into your home.

Use A Keychain Garage Door Opener

Instead of keeping a garage door remote in your vehicle at all times, get a small garage door remote that you can attach to your keychain. This is a lot smaller and harder for someone to steal. It also allows you to easily open up your garage door no matter what vehicle you are in. That way, you are not dependent on being in a vehicle in order to have the ability to open your garage door.

Keep A Deadbolt On Door Between Garage & House

If you have a door that goes from your garage into your home, you need to make sure that you keep that door secure. If you have a simple turn lock on the door going from your garage into your home, you should upgrade to a bolt lock. A bolt lock is a lot more secure and hard to break into. You should make the door from your garage into your home just as secure as your front door.

Close Your Garage Door

Make sure that you keep your garage door closed. Only open your garage door when you are entering and leaving your home. Leaving your garage door opened all the time, even when you are home, just advertises to anyone who drives or walks past your house the contents of your garage. If you have nice tools in your garage or other nice equipment in your garage, you are just inviting someone to walk through your open garage door and walk away with whatever they want.

Frost Your Garage Door Windows

To further increase the security of your garage door, you should frost the windows in your garage door. Frosted windows will make it much harder for someone to walk up to your garage door, peek in, and see what you have inside. It will also make it harder for someone to determine, by looking through your garage door, if someone is home and if it is clear for them to break in. Frosting the glass on your garage door will provide you with a higher degree of privacy and security. 

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