3 Ways To Get Your Garage Door Ready For Winter

With summer wrapping up, make sure that you spend some time getting your garage door ready for the winter months. Here are a few things you should do to your garage door before the nice weather wraps up to ensure that your garage is ready for the winter.

Clean Your Garage Door

The first thing that you should do is clean your garage door. Take a damp rag and use it to wipe down all the metal components on your garage door. Over time, dirt and dust can stick to these components and eventually cause wear and tear to them if not taking proper care of.

Then, use some window cleaner on the automatic eyes that let your garage door know if it is safe to open and close. Be sure to gently wipe down the unit that houses the eyes as well. When the eyes get dirty, they do not work well.

Next, spray down your entire garage door. You can use a brush and some dish soap to clean your garage door and wash your garage door off with your hose. It is best to do this when it is still warm outside so that your garage door can naturally dry off.

Finally, if you have windows on your garage door, clean them, inside and out, with some window cleaner.

Replace The Weather Stripping

Now that you have cleaned your garage door, you need to replace the weather stripping around your garage door. Your weather stripping helps keep your garage door well insulated, which will make your garage a more comfortable place to be in and will help with the overall heating of your home as well if you have an attached garage.

Weather stripping wears down frequently and much faster than the rest of your garage door and needs to be replaced every couple of years. You'll want to pry off the old weather stripping and purchase new weather stripping. Measure it to size, cut it down, remove the adhesive strip from the back, and put it in place. For extra insulation, choose weather stripping that is thicker and wider; it will keep the cold out more effectively.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Finally, make sure that you have proper ventilation in your garage. If your garage does not have proper ventilation, when condensation builds up in your garage, it will have no place to go. This can lead to your garage having a stuffy feeling and it can make your garage an ideal place for mold and mildew to thrive.

The best way to provide ventilation for your garage space is through the installation of wall vents in your garage. This will help keep the air flowing and ensure that your garage doesn't become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Be sure to take these three steps before winter rolls around to ensure that your garage door and your garage itself are ready for winter. If, during this process, you notice that you are in need of garage door repairs, be sure to contact a repair service before winter begins.