Comparing Garage Panel Materials

One of the most overlooked, yet very worthwhile exterior home improvements is to update your garage doors. New garage doors are going to give your exterior a great face lift. You have to remember the garage doors are a very large and very prominent design feature. So, replacing them can truly modernize the style of your property. Of course, you need to think about what material you are going to choose for your new panels. This article compares a few of the most popular garage door panel materials.

Vinyl Panels

Vinyl garage panels are extremely well liked for their style and durability. The fact that vinyl is waterproof makes it ideal for homeowners who want a low maintenance product. However, vinyl is also a perfect material for garage panels because it is lightweight, slightly flexible, and easy to clean. This means it is the ultimate low maintenance choice. The great thing about vinyl garage panels is that they don't ever need to be painted or stained. The surface will remain waterproof with hardly any maintenance over the years.

Hardwood Panels

Hardwood is another great alternative for garage panels. Most hardwood panels are just a thin veneer hardwood on top of the vinyl or aluminum panel. So, they have the functionality and strength of the synthetic material, but they need to be maintained. That is, the hardwood is going to be exposed to the elements, which can cause the wood grains to warp and swell if they are not taken care of. Basically, of all the options, hardwood garage panels are going to need the most maintenance over the years.

Aluminum Panels

Aluminum is probably the most basic and affordable of these three options. It has long been used in garage panels because it is lightweight and durable. Most aluminum panels are thin and have a fake wood mold. So, they are made to resemble wood texture. Of course, they don't actually look like real wood.

One drawback to aluminum panels is that they don't have great insulation ratings. Since aluminum is thin, and it transfers heat quite quickly, it isn't the best choice if you are worried about the temperature inside your garage. Homeowners in extremely hot or cold climates, and those who like to spend a lot of time in their garage should probably avoid aluminum.

In the end, aluminum, vinyl, and hardwood are all fine materials for garage panels. It is really a matter of your personal budget, style, insulation, and maintenance needs.

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