Top Reasons To Consider Replacing Your Old Garage Door

One of the largest visual features of the home and serving as the primary access point for as much as 70% of homeowners, the garage door really should get plenty of attention. However, a lot of homeowners use the same old garage door their home was built with until the thing simply falls apart. Take a look at some of the updates in garage doors over the last several years that will help you see why an update to your garage door could be the best move. 

R-values for garage doors have gone up with new innovations. 

Take a look at an old garage door compared to a new one, and you will notice the build is completely different. With a greater focus on making homes more energy-efficient, the garage door has been finagled with a lot by manufacturers to make it hold a higher R-value. R-value, in general terms, is the ability of a unit to resist the flow of heat. Therefore, the higher the garage door's R-value is, the more insulative it will be as a door in your garage. 

Modern garage doors are far more secure in their design. 

If a vandal wanted to get into a house, one of the easiest places to gain access to the home used to be through the garage door. The windows could be broken out, the door could be pried from its frame, and even the individual sections could be dismantled to get through the barrier. These days, garage doors are far more secure. In fact, manufacturers create these doors with security as one of the top priorities. Regular glass has been replaced with shatterproof versions, and steel encasements prevent prying the door from the frame at all, for example. A thief would have a much harder time breaking through a modern garage door than they would an old one. 

Garage door safety protocols have changed drastically. 

When a home inspector is hired by a homeowner or real estate company, they will often check to see when the garage door and the garage door opener were manufactured. The reason they do this is that doors and openers that were manufactured at certain times are not as safe as they should be. One primary example of this is that garage door entrapment protection features like electronic eyes weren't even mandated until January 1, 1991, according to the United States Consumer Safety Commission. Therefore, if your door was installed before then, it could actually be a safety hazard. 

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