What To Do If Your Garage Door Is Binding Or Not Opening Correctly

Garage doors are heavy, and sometimes little things can affect their performance. A door that is not opening correctly or binding and jumping when it is in motion may need some service from a garage door repair tech to get it working.

Door Inspections

Any garage door that is not operating correctly should be inspected by a garage door repair tech. If the track is bent, the rollers are worn and not supporting the door correctly, or the door is damaged, it may not be moving smoothly. Any amount of binding when the door tries to move will signal the door opener to shut off to avoid damaging the system. 

Worn parts are the most common reason for the door to bind and rattle, but the hardware and support system are serviceable on most garage doors. The garage door repair tech will replace any parts determined to be worn and make adjustments to the door to ensure it is rolling smoothly through the track. If there is damage to the door panels, replacement panels may be required. 

Sensors And Safety Items

Garage doors are required to have safety mechanisms that stop the door from coming down on a person and causing injures. The most common system uses an electric eye system that creates a connection inside the door. If the beam is broken, the door stops moving. 

These systems work well, but if you are having an issue with the door moving intermittently, it could mean the sensor is loose and moving around when the door starts moving. This will break the connection momentarily and cause the door to jump. Your garage door repair tech can check the sensors to ensure they are working correctly and that the mounting brackets are tight and not moving. 

Lift Springs

The garage door lift springs mounted above the door can also affect the performance of the door. Most doors have two springs that help open the door and keep it from crashing down when closing. If one of the springs fails, the remaining spring may pull more on one side of the door, causing it to bind as it is moving. 

The garage door repair tech can check the springs and replace them if they are damaged. The springs are under extreme tension, and releasing them must be done carefully. If you are not familiar with how these springs work, leave this job to a professional technician.

The springs could suddenly unload as they are removed if not done correctly and could cause an injury. The garage door repair tech will retorsion the springs after they are in place so they lift the door evenly, resolving any binding that they may be causing.